Language of Chemistry for ICSE

ICSE Syllabus

The ICSE syllabus introduces ‘Chemistry’ as a subject in the 6th Std. The Full Name and the Symbols of the first 20 Elements in the ‘Periodic Table’ and an introduction to ‘The Language of Chemistry’, [Theme. 2.].

In the 7th Std; Chemical Equations – Writing Word Equations for Chemical Reactions. [Theme. 5.].

In the 8th Std; Symbols of Elements, Formula of Compounds, Chemical Equations from Word Equations and ‘Balancing of Chemical Equations’. [Theme. 5.].

In the 9th Std; the Symbol of an Element, Valency, Formula of Radicals, Valency and the Formula of Compounds, Chemical Equations and ‘Balancing of Chemical Equations’, [Theme. 1.].

Therefore ‘The Language of Chemistry’ is given prime importance in the ICSE syllabus.


The ‘Pupils Performance Analysis’, published by the ICSE Council annually, benefits the students and teachers. It clearly points out the difficulty faced by the students in writing Symbols, Chemical Formula and Balanced Chemical Equations. Surprisingly, this major problem is still continuing among students every year.

In 1995, ‘COUNCIL FOR THE INDIAN SCHOOL CERTIFICATE EXAMINATIONS’. RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND CONSULTANCY DIVISION, sent a circular to all the ‘ICSE Schools’. It mentions about a request to kindly forward some of their well tried out approaches for overcoming identified hard –spots in learning so that they could be shared with other institutions with advantage,

‘THE LANGUAGE OF CHEMISTRY’. ‘PLAYWAY METHOD’ was introduced in the 6th Std in St. Aloysius ISC School, Kochi, Kerala in 1992. The students enjoyed learning Chemistry and were able to write Symbols, Chemical Formula and ‘Balanced Chemical Equations’ correctly.

Letter of Appreciation.

On 4th December, 2002, The Principal, St. Aloysius ISC School, Kochi forwarded a copy of ‘THE LANGUAGE OF CHEMISTRY’, ‘PLAYWAY METHOD’ to the Council.

On 18th December, 2002, The Principal received a ‘Letter of Appreciation’, from the Council stating that ‘THE LANGUAGE OF CHEMISTRY’, ‘PLAYWAY METHOD’, certainly will help in making the basic concept of writing correct chemical formula and Balanced equations clearer to students.

Suggestion for Teachers.

The ‘Pupils Performance Analysis’, ICSE 10th Std. Chemistry, published by the ICSE Council in 2002.

Introduce some Innovative Methods to help the Students, remember the Equations and Formula.

Several ICSE schools have already introduced ‘THE LANGUAGE OF CHEMISTRY’. ‘PLAYWAY METHOD’, as a handbook in the 6th or 7th Std.

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